When it comes to designing your interior, you want something that is modern and chic but also timeless to stand the test of time. While you can theoretically update your interior whenever you want, most people prefer to stick to a design for the long run.

This is one of the main reasons open floor plans are becoming more popular among people nowadays.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans refer to two or more traditional spaces – such as the living room and kitchen – being joined together to form a larger space that feels grander. These rooms are typically separated by walls in traditional homes, which can make the space feel smaller and closed off.

Here are a few reasons people love open floors plans over traditional homes.

1.    Better Lighting and Air Flow

Homes built with open-floor plans seem lighter and airier than rooms than homes with separated rooms. Since there is no obstruction, light can easily travel from one room to another. Additionally, the airflow and the temperature of the house also improves due to the lack of obstruction.

2.    Improved Energy Efficiency

Having an open floor plan may actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Wide-open spaces are easier to cool and heat, which can significantly cut down on electricity bills and utilities during extreme temperatures. Additionally, the unobstructed lighting will lead to you turning on your lights less often.

3.    Making Entertaining Enjoyable

Everyone’s been there at least once – you throw a party but then end up spending so much time in the kitchen that you are barely able to host the guests. An open floor can easily solve this issue. The lack of separation between the kitchen and living room can enable you to interact with your guests more freely while also getting last-minute chores done. This may be one of the most important reasons people are starting to appreciate open floor plans.

4.    Improved Real Estate Value

While this may not be an immediate benefit, it is certainly worth considering. Since open floor plans add functional square footage, they appeal to many homebuyers. This means that in case you decide to sell your home down the road, you are most likely to get a better price with your open home plan.


If you’re planning on building your dream house or even thinking of buying one, it would certainly be a smart idea to look into open home plans.