It’s no simple task to find a trustworthy contractor for commercial projects, both big and small. As a home or office owner, not only do you have to stick to a tight schedule, but you also have to stay within your allocated budget. This makes it important to find a contractor who is both dependable and reputable – preferably someone with several years of experience under their belt.

So what makes a trustworthy contractor? It’s not just random luck, but a combination of factors. Let’s find out.

Fully Licensed and Certified

This is a no-brainer. The trustworthy contractor must be licensed and certified by accredited institutions. If they work for a company, then the company should also have all the right credentials that attest to their capabilities and skillset. Moreover, the contracting company makes it a point to provide training (both formal and on-the-job) at all levels within the firm. The educational experience yields success at all levels of the organization.

Their Reputation Precedes Them

When a contractor delivers timely work without cutting corners, they deliver a steady supply of good referrals. You start hearing more about them from friends, relatives, or anyone else you may ask. As a general rule, the more reputation a professional has, the better their quality of work. The best way to find out verify someone‘s reputation is to interview their previous clients. But don’t just stop there; you might want to also check in with a licensing board in your state. California and Arkansas have their licensing boards here and here.


Contractors have some of the toughest roles on the planet, as they skillfully juggle multiple responsibilities without compromising quality. Over the years, they have developed a skill set that allows them to alter their schedules and complete their projects on time. A trustworthy contractor is able and willing to handle every aspect of your project and within the time frame, you set. This means they’ll go work extra hours, on weekends, and outside of their normal work hours. This is what makes them flexible.

They Listen

Believe it or not but contractors are good listeners. Part of their job is to first understand what their client wants – as opposed to making guesstimates about project requirements and then botching it up. Expect a trustworthy contractor to prod you with questions until they understand exactly what you want. If something isn’t clear, they will send back questions for clarification.

At the same time, they will also take the time to explain any problems they may have found, what needs to be fixed, and also offer solutions along with alternatives.

Available to Address Your Concerns Right Away

One overlooked feature of contractors is that they have the capacity to respond to emergency situations. Most will offer a 24/7 service in case problems arise. They aim to be efficient when the going gets tough; even in the dead of night.

Prioritize Safety

Trustworthy contractors take one thing very seriously: their client’s safety. They will make sure there are enough safety protocols in place to deal with dangerous situations effectively, while also protecting you and your property.

Be Smart About Who You Hire

Make sure your project is handled by a skilled contractor with years of experience, verifiable social proof, and integrity. Get in touch with the experts at XYZ and find out the difference. We’re dependable, reliable, and go the extra mile for you.