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Memorial Day Ideas – Paying Respect with Outdoor Activities and Decorations

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays of the year because it is when we can commemorate our brave fallen soldiers and recognize the ones who continue to fight for our freedoms. Their efforts deserve respect from all of us who live peacefully as a result of the sacrifices they have made.

While there are several ways you can spend the holiday, getting involved in Memorial Day activities or putting up Memorial Day decorations is a great way to celebrate it. Below are a few ideas you can use to remember and celebrate our veterans who keep us all safe.

1.    Decorate a Flag or Wreath Outdoors

One of the best outdoor Memorial Day decorations that pay respect to our veterans is the US flag. Set it up on your window, lawn, or a visible area of your house as a show of solidarity and patriotism. You can also set up a wreath made from the flag colors and hang it up at your door for visitors to see.

2.    Watch a Parade

Memorial Day parades are common in smaller towns and cities, and they are a beautiful way to honor the fallen and the serving soldiers. Going to watch a Memorial Day parade in your area will show support and become a nice Memorial Day activity for you and your family.

3.    Take Flowers to a Veteran’s Grave

Several brave soldiers have given up their lives fighting for the freedom we enjoy in our great country. Although they are gone, you can celebrate their sacrifice by visiting a veteran graveyard near your home. You can take flowers for their graves and say a prayer for them, to thank them for their service.

4.    Grocery Shop for a Local Veteran

The best Memorial Day activities are those that recognize the sacrifices our veterans have made by helping them out as they manage their life back home. If you know a veteran, offer to buy them groceries as a way to pay your respect and to thank them for all they have done.

It’s a small gesture that goes a long way and makes a huge difference for the ones struggling to get accustomed to life outside of the military.

Final Thoughts

We can never repay the sacrifice our soldiers and veterans have made, but we can pay our respects through the right Memorial Day activities. Make time to remember them, say prayers, and support them to properly thank them for their services.

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Calculate Your Optimal Electricity in 4 Simple Steps

With summer rolling in, your electricity consumption will increase once more, which is a common occurrence. However, do you often spend hours wondering whether your electricity bill is too high based on your usage?

This is an understandable concern, especially with the rising electricity costs around the country. The good news is that you don’t have to make ambiguous guesses. There is a simple way to calculate your electricity bill based on consumption. Once you have the figure, you can compare it with what you get charged and decide the next steps.

How to Calculate your Electricity Bill

To calculate your energy bill, you will only need a pen, paper, and a calculator. Yes, it is that simple! Once you have the materials, simply follow these 4 steps:

Step 1

Determine the wattage of your electrical appliance and multiply it by its daily usage hours. Repeat this process for each electrical appliance.

Step 2:

Add the total figure of all appliances and divide the sum by 1000.

Step 3:

Multiply the result by the kWh rate charged by your electricity provider to get the daily consumption bill.

Step 4:

Multiply this number by the number of days in the month, and you will have your electricity bill.

Following this simple process will give you the electricity bill you can compare to the actual bill.


What to Do if Your Electricity Bill Is High

If your actual electricity bill is substantially higher than your calculated bill, it means your house is not properly insulated and energy is leaking out through the walls and floors. To prevent energy wastage and reduce your electricity bill, you can get one of these systems installed in your home:

  1. Blow-in Insulation
  2. Reflective Insulation
  3. Solar Attic Fans

These insulation systems mentioned above are popular in Tennessee for achieving energy efficiency and will help you save costs.


Calculating your electricity bill is a simple 4-step process and extremely helpful. Knowing the calculated electricity bill will help you objectively analyze your energy consumption and determine if your house needs insulation.

If you are looking for energy insulation services and want to get your preferred systems installed, please contact us immediately. Blue Star Construction has been in this business for several years, and our teams will happily provide you with the services you need.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers: How to Know If Your Gutter System Is Working Properly.

When it’s not raining, your gutters look fine. However, when it’s raining, you are inside the house. Either way, you don’t know how your gutters are performing. From the dusting of leaves to a summer’s evening storm, rain and all sorts of debris can cascade into your gutters. This is the point where problems become exponentially larger.

Though, evaluating your gutters can be a tiring and time-consuming process, the time it takes to examine your gutter system can protect your home investment. Gutters protect your house from water damage, but when they don’t work, they can cause havoc on your home’s structure. Therefore, you should take a minute to evaluate your gutters with the steps below.

Gaps, Breaks, and Detachment

The first sign that your gutter system needs to be replaced is when you find cracks and breaks in the gutter system itself. If your gutter system is breaking apart, water will be leaking out of the system where it is damaged. If it is broken, you will need to replace it as soon as possible.

Moreover, gutter detachment happens when one or more of the following happens:

  • The gutter wasn’t installed correctly.
  • The gutters and downspouts have been clogged because of debris, and the weight of the debris is causing the gutters to pull away from the house.

Rust or Mold

Another sign that your gutters need to be replaced is the system starting to rust and getting covered in mold. A rusty gutter system will quickly deteriorate and lead to moisture issues in your roof, siding, or foundation. Moreover, moldy gutters can pose health risks for you and your family.

Overflowing Gutters

Gutters or downspouts overflow when they are clogged with debris, such as leaves, or during hard rain when rainwater runs over the side. Such gutters need to be cleared out instead of being repaired.

Even though a clogged gutter or downspout is often easy to fix, if a lot of time has passed and more snow and water has pushed the debris down into the downspout, the downspout might also need to be cleared.

Sagging Gutters

You should also replace your gutter if it is sagging under the debris and water weight. If your gutters aren’t attached to your home properly, they won’t be able to withstand the weight of the water they need to redirect, which means they will sag and begin to leak. Several factors can cause sagging gutters:

  • A gutter that’s full of debris, such as dirt, leaves, and granules
  • A tree branch hitting a gutter can cause it to droop or sag.
  • Vinyl gutters sag more often than aluminum or steel because vinyl isn’t as strong as steel or aluminum.
  • A gutter that wasn’t installed correctly can sag.
  • If a gutter is sagging, it might simply be old and time to be replaced.

Why Choose Blue Star Construction?

Blue Star Construction offers quality home improvement and construction services. Using high-quality materials, their skilled and experienced team provides up-to-the-mark gutter protection services. If you see the above warning signs when you inspect your gutters, contact us immediately and enjoy the rainy season like never before!

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Spring Is Almost Here – Home Improvement Fads for The Year

With all the added hours you are spending at home these days because of the pandemic, it’s easy to grow tired of the same old surroundings. While Spring is around the corner if you have got some extra time on your hands, why not use this as an opportunity to change things up a bit. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard chores on your checklist.

Here are some Spring home improvement ideas that will make their way through the entire season, if not the entire year!

Weed Out and Store Winter Clothing

Choosing to wear T-shirts and tank tops instead of sweaters and long-sleeve shirts is a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived. If you have a shortage of space or want an organized closet, take the time to weed out cold-weather clothes to give your spring wardrobe the spotlight.

However, before storing away your winter clothing, make sure it’s clean, dry, and neatly folded, as this will make your seasonal transition much easier when winter returns. Skip the cardboard boxes and place your heavy clothing, winter coats, and snow boots in plastic bins that seal tightly. Moreover, add labels to each box for easy identification, and keep them in a personal storage unit to save space in your home.

Change Your Home Decor with Some Spring Flare

When Spring arrives, the outdoors provides a stunning view with green grass and fresh blossoming flowers. To make your home equally appealing from indoors, give your house a fresh look by changing the interior decor.

This is a great time to give some rooms a new coat of paint. However, if you don’t have the time or budget, you can keep your spring home maintenance tasks simple. Replace old artwork with new family photos, add lampshades in brighter colors, or change heavy winter bedding for lighter spring sheets.

Commit to Spring-Cleaning Every Room

Spring-cleaning is essential for giving your home some much-needed sparkle. You can start with a few simple spring-cleaning ideas, such as vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting, and cleaning dryer vents. Moreover, you can reseal grout in all of your home’s tiled surfaces, shampoo carpet and rugs, and clean or polish upholstered furniture.

Update Your Yard

Start making a plan for your yard early in the season. You can encourage existing trees and shrubs to grow or choose to plant a new flower bed. To visualize landscape design ideas, use stakes to map out your yard and assess how much space you will need for your dream garden. However, don’t forget your yard maintenance. Even the most naturally beautiful gardens require weeding, watering, and pruning to look their best.

Why Choose Blue Star Construction?

From the interior to the exterior, there are plenty of ways to welcome Spring. By incorporating Blue Star Construction’s quality home improvement and construction services, your home will indeed shine all season long. So, get started with these Spring home improvement tips, and make way for the sunny season ahead.

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Don’t Leave Your Closet Out of Spring Cleaning!

Once you get your rugs vacuumed and your bathroom floors scrubbed, there’s one big spring-cleaning task left to-do, i.e., closet cleaning and organization. Even though it’s time-consuming and requires quite a bit of effort, but the result makes it all worth it.

Get in the Zone

Before you dive in, queue up a playlist that you love to sing along to, light a candle, make yourself a coffee, or grab a family member or a friend to join you to make a boring task fun. Make sure to keep storage organizers handy, so you can pack away your seasonal clothes that you won’t be wearing for a while.

Start Dividing

The best way to clean your closet is to start at the top of the closet and work your way down. Start by doing a preliminary cut-down by getting rid of the things you most obviously need to part ways with. If there is a pair of pants that you haven’t worn in a few years, donate it. If you found a top with stains and thought you would be able to remove it but never did, toss it.  Moreover, keep asking yourself if this piece makes you feel your best. If it doesn’t, it has no room in your wardrobe.

Remove stacks of clothes and begin trying on and sorting accordingly. It will help in making a final decision. If there is a pair of jeans sitting at the bottom of the pile consistently untouched, you can try it on to see if it still fits you.

Put Seasonal Items in Storage

Pack away the pieces that aren’t related to the season. You might be sick of all of your sweaters and jeans, but the ones you are questioning now could feel exciting and new once the season arrives. The same applies to your summer clothes.

However, while storing your seasonal clothes, wait until the very end to put them in storage. You never know what you will decide to add or remove from the pile until you are done sorting everything in the closet.

Use Organizers

Once you have decided which items you are keeping, decide which method would be best for organizing them. Use storage boxes and organizers to put everything in place neatly. You can choose from various organizers, such as no-slip hangers, shelf dividers, expandable organizers, scarf holders, etc.

Moreover, if you are short on space, look around your home for things that are going unused or might be empty, like file drawers, and store things away in there. You can also collect old suitcases and use them for storage, as they don’t take up much room. Since you now have less to deal with, organizing everything in a way that’s accessible and easy to see will make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe.

Why Choose Blue Star Construction?

If you face any problem during your Spring cleaning, contact Blue Star Construction. The quality home improvement and construction services offered will help you kick-start Spring in a perfect way.