Winter is just around the corner, so homeowners should pay close attention to their home’s insulation. Having good insulation in your crawlspace, basement, windows, and doors is crucial for many reasons. Let’s look at the importance of insulation in homes.

Which Spaces Require Insulation?

Insulation exists in many different parts of your home. There is insulation present in your walls, crawl space, and basement. Then there are insulated windows that feature multiple panes of glass, as a means to slow down heat loss.

Doors can also feature built-in insulation to reduce heat loss through them. However, some heat loss may still occur through gaps between the door and its frame if it isn’t installed properly.

The primary purpose of insulation is to reduce heat loss in your home during the winter time. However, the efficiency of this insulation may vary depending on what type it is, and where it is installed.

Attic Insulation

Any warm air in your home will have a natural tendency to rise upwards. This means a significant percentage of heat loss occurs through your attic. You can reduce your heating bill by up to 25% by installing the right attic insulation. Blown-in insulation is especially well-suited for this purpose as it can be added to confined spaces and on top of pre-existing attic insulation.

Crawl Space and Basement Insulation

Heat loss through floors can be a persistent problem for homeowners. This is often due to poor crawl space insulation. Tennessee homeowners can save up to 15% on their heating bill by replacing their existing crawl space and basement insulation with high-quality insulation from Blue Star Construction.


Insulated windows can also help you save money on your heating bill. Our Energy Star certified windows are specially designed to reduce heat loss through window panes. You can boost the insulation benefits of these windows by having them installed by our experts.


Air leaks between doors and their frames are responsible for a significant amount of heat loss in homes. We can correct this problem by replacing your door with a better-insulated one. Our experts can also ensure air leaks between the door and its frame are eliminated during the installation process.

Don’t wait until the middle of winter for your home improvement. Johnson City residents should call 423-202-4709 for top-notch home improvement. Tennessee winters can be made a lot more comfortable with the help of Blue Star Construction.