Blue Star Construction Johnson City

Blue Star Construction offers high quality construction and home improvement services in Johnson City.

Blue Star Construction offers high quality construction and home improvement services in Johnson City. Our crew of handymen consists of skilled veterans, hand-picked for their knowledge and experience with home installations and repairs. We hope to exceed customer expectations on each project we undertake.

Blue Star Construction can design and install decking and ramps

We offer the following services in Johnson City:

Gutters & Gutter Protection

Blue Star Construction specialize in renovating home exterior components such as gutters. We understand the need for reliable gutter installation services and offer quality gutter guards to enhance your home’s gutters & gutter protection.

Vinyl and Custom Shutters

Customers can spruce up their home exteriors with our selection of vinyl and custom shutters. We create custom made shutters that feel like a natural addition to your home. Wow your neighbors and friends with Blue Star Construction’s exterior home shutters.

Decking and Ramps

If your property needs high quality decking and ramps, Blue Star Construction has you covered. Building a ramp for a deck is a task that requires extensive planning and precise measurements. We put extra effort to ensure your handicap porch ramp is installed properly and meets the needs of handicapped residents.

Blown-In Insulation

Boost your home’s energy efficiency with blown-in insulation from Blue Star Construction. Our contractor is skilled at identifying which insulation suits your home’s requirements. Seal small gaps and spaces in your walls with our premium quality blown-in insulation products.

Reflective Insulation

Save on your heating bill by installing reflective insulation from Blue Star Construction. This special insulation serves as a barrier that reflects heat from your HVAC duct and directs it back onto itself.

Solar attic fans

Cool down your attic and improve ventilation with one of our reliable solar attic fans. These are ideal for attics that don’t already have an existing vent fan or exhaust fan. This one-time investment can help you save on your electricity bill on those warm Tennessee summer days.

Vapor Barrier

Keep rot, mold and rust at bay by asking Blue Star Construction to install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace. Our expertly fitted moisture barrier prevents water from getting through and can keep your insulation safe and dry even in the wettest of conditions.

Insulation Removal Replacement

Get rid of the old insulation in your crawlspace to enhance heating and air quality in your home. We offer fast and thorough insulation removal and replacement services.

Water Mitigation/Water Damage Services

Water damage can be a serious matter for homeowners. Water that drips onto your crawlspace can create mold and lead to other issues. Blue Star Construction provides water damage repair and remediation services to protect your home’s structure.

Crawlspace Batt/Rolled Insulation

Blue Star Construction specialize in installing crawlspace batt and rolled insulation in homes. Our high-quality fiberglass batt insulation can boost the energy efficiency of your property. Our experts use precisely measured batts for insulating your basement walls with fiberglass.

Why choose Blue Star Construction

Johnson City residents choose Blue Star Construction for:

  • Outstanding Customer Service Providing great customer service is one of our top priorities at Blue Star Construction. Customers can reach out to us online through our website. Our customer service representatives strive to provide clients with informative and reliable advice regarding our home improvement services.
  • Efficiency At Blue Star Construction we understand how time sensitive home improvement operations can be. This is why we aim to complete each project as quickly as possible without compromising on our expert workmanship.
  • Technology Blue Star Construction’s crew of handymen use only the best tools for each project. This is to minimize damage to your property and complete each project without delays. We also offer digital quoting and digital signing systems to provide clients with estimates and complete approvals as quickly as possible.
  • Financing Options Blue Star Construction offers clients numerous financing options to speed up the payment process and ensure they find a financing method that suits them. We accept cash, checks, and many other options.

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