All homeowners should be aware of the benefits of insulation. The right kind of insulation can help your home retain internal heat during the wintertime and keep your heating bill on the low end. If you complete your insulation installations before December 31st, you may be eligible for federal energy tax credits.

The Benefit of Energy Efficient Insulation, Doors, and Windows

Insulation is a property feature that homeowners often overlook. When you purchase a new home, you may not pay much attention to the insulation in the walls, doors, or windows until wintertime rolls around.

This is when you may notice heat escaping each room much faster than it should, or cool air entering sealed spaces from outside. In response, you may turn your thermostat up. However, this usually leads to higher heating bills.

This is a problem that homeowners with poor insulation deal with each year. At a certain point, it becomes more economical to invest in new insulation, rather than deal with high heating bills.

Why You Should Invest in Insulation Now

Homeowners can claim a special federal energy tax credit by installing energy-efficient insulation and windows in their homes. This tax credit covers 10% of the cost of the item, with a $500 cap for insulation, and a $200 cap for windows. However, this tax credit offer expires on December 31st. So homeowners should invest in new insulation and windows as quickly as possible.

Our Products and Services

Blue Star Construction offers blown-in insulation installation services. This style of insulation is delivered through a hose and can be applied to confined spaces. It can also be added to the insulation already present in your home. This dense filling keeps your home warm, and also functions as a great sound barrier.

We also offer energy-efficient windows that offer the pristine clarity of ordinary windows, but with enhanced insulative properties.

Homeowners can also find insulated doors among our selection of products. A significant percentage of heat loss in homes occurs through doors. Our energy-efficient doors can help close the insulation gaps that contribute to this heat loss.

Why Choose Blue Star Construction?

If you are seeking services related to home improvement, Johnson City residents can’t go wrong by choosing Blue Star Construction. We undertake each project with a level of care and efficiency that is rare in home improvement. Tennessee homeowners can get in touch with us at 423-202-4709.