“We Need to Make Every Single Thing Accessible to Every Single Person with a Disability” – Stevie Wonder

The holiday season is a joyous time to spend with your friends, family, and loved ones. It is also a time to be thankful, exchange gifts, and give more to others. Parties, parades, holiday music, and bright lights can rejuvenate you after a tough year due to the ongoing pandemic, but you have to think about others around you, especially ones that are disabled.

Holidays often signal an intense time of distress for the disabled. If your friend Brad stopped coming to your deck party after the fateful accident that rendered him paraplegic, it’s likely that he doesn’t want to ask anyone for help to move his wheelchair to the deck.

The value of providing easy access to handicapped family members and friends to outdoor living extensions is underestimated. Not many people know about the sense of liberation and empowerment that disabled people feel — when they are finally able to go to a place that wasn’t accessible before. In addition, spending time on a deck is also beneficial for their health. Therefore, if you would like to accommodate handicapped guests, Blue Star Construction can ensure that you get accessible decks. But, how do I go about doing that? For starters, build a deck with ramp.

What Is a Ramp?

A ramp is an inclined plan that facilitates people with wheelchairs to access buildings. They serve as a substitute for stairs.

Usually, people with wheelchairs find it tremendously hard to climb stairs. It is nearly impossible to go over a platform due to its upward slope. This physical inability stings; they feel depressed over their inability to go over the ramp. Blue Star Construction can help you resolve these concerns and uplift the moods of your disabled friends and family members with wheelchair ramps.

Benefits of Deck with Ramps?

A deck with ramp can provide the following benefits.

  • A ramp offers convenience in terms of navigation. This can especially come in handy in doorways with high door thresholds.
  • Houses with ramp allow the disabled individuals to feel independent. They can enter any area on their home without having a caretaker or family member accompanying them all the time.
  • Ramps make it easy for wheelchair users to access the outdoors. They can bask in sunshine, enjoy fresh air, and take part in outdoor activities that had been cruelly made inaccessible due to their injury.
  • Thanks to ramps, wheelchair users can run errands with ease. Daily tasks like checking the mailbox and go for grocery shopping, can be smoothly performed alone.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of building a deck with a ramp are endless. With the holiday season approaching, Blue Star Construction can aid you when it matters the most. We will lend assistance with decks and ramps during holidays, so you can have a terrific time with your friends and family. If you live in Johnson City or Tennessee, send a message our way to ensure the comfort of your loved ones with custom-built decks for your home.