Making your own homemade house aesthetic pieces is a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your home. There is no shortage of decoration ideas for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter.

We have compiled a list of places to look for ideas and inspiration for homemade aesthetic pieces. So let’s ‘DIYve’ right into it.


Pinterest is by far the most popular website for finding inspiration for homemade trinkets. This social media platform encourages users to upload images of their custom made items and decorations.

You can scroll through an endless gallery of eye-catching images that inspire you to create unique and beautiful items. Users can also follow different pages to view the latest creations of their favorite creators.

Many users include guides for creating items. This makes it easy to recreate many of the creations “pinned” on the site. Additionally, other users can leave comments on each “pin” to describe their experience or offer tips for recreating the item.


Another site that is popular with homemade crafters and artists is Juxtapost. This site offers many of the same features as Pinterest and is probably the platform’s largest competitor. Users can easily create different item categories and share them with others.

One unique feature this site possesses is the ability to look for items that are similar to the ones you are currently viewing. This enables you to explore a large number of item variations without spending too much time finding the right descriptive terms.


Etsy is another website that is similar to Pinterest with regards to finding ideas. However, Etsy is less of a social media site and more of an e-commerce store. Thousands of creators from across the globe can sell their unique creations on this site. In fact, many Etsy sellers promote their items on Pinterest to help get the word out.

Searching for items on this site is incredibly easy. If you’re looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day creations, you can perform a simple search for “Valentine’s Day” on the website’s search function. This should produce a list of items such as t-shirts, mugs, crochets, and many more.

In-Person Stores

Depending on which city you live in, there may be a significant number of stores that sell trinkets or decorations. Many of these shops exist to attract tourists, while others function as gift shops that offer a wide variety of unique items.

Even if you don’t intend to buy any of their items, you can still visit these stores to pick up some new ideas for homemade crafts. This could be custom painted mugs or ornaments fashioned out of pinecones. Many of these stores rotate their selection based on the season, so you will likely find something of interest close to each holiday.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to purchase homemade crafts or find inspiration. So, check out these websites and stores before the next big holiday rolls around.