Reflective Insulation

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Reflective insulation

Few add-ons can improve the energy efficiency of your home like reflective insulation does. This special form of insulation features a surface that reflects radiant heat rather than absorb it. It can be installed in attics and other cavity spaces that feature an air gap of one inch or more.

How reflective insulation works

The sunlight that hits your rooftop radiates the sun’s energy and transfers it to your home. This “radiant heat transfer” is the reason why homes heat up significantly more on sunny days compared to cloudy days. High-quality well-fitted insulation can help combat this heating process.

Traditional insulation materials, such as fibrerglass, are effective at slowing down conductive heat flow, while reflective insulation reduces radiant heat gain in your home. This reflective barrier is usually installed in attics as it “reflects” heat away from your roof before it can be transferred to other parts of your home.

Benefits of reflective insulation

Using reflective insulation in your home offers many benefits, including:

  • Reducing your heating and cooling bill
    Tennessee residents can keep their homes cool in the summers by installing reflective insulation in their attics and ducts. This insulation can also prevent warm air from your heater from escaping in the wintertime. This allows homeowners to spend less on air conditioning in the summertime and on heating in the winter.
  • Non-toxic
    Reflective insulation is also non-toxic, which makes it a safer choice compared to polyurethane spray foam insulation and insulation materials with asbestos. As a result, it is easier to install without the need for special safety equipment, such as masks.
  • Resilient material
    Reflective insulation can last for many years if it is kept dry, undamaged, and shielded from direct UV rays. This material is incredibly resilient and needs to be installed only once in most homes.

Installation services

The effectiveness of reflective insulation depends on how well it is installed. This material needs to be set up in a manner that minimizes dust accumulation on its surface, as any foreign particles can reduce its reflective capabilities.

For this reason, homeowners should contact Blue Star Construction to install reflective insulation in their attics. Our crew of professionals are familiar with installing insulation in a variety of Tennessee homes. They place great care into each project they undertake and ensure that each installation is completed in a timely manner.

Reduce your heating and cooling bills today by installing reflective insulation from Blue Star Construction.

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