Solar Attic Fans

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Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans have been gaining popularity with Tennessee residents over the years. These special add-ons can be installed on rooftops and offer enhanced attic ventilation without using power from the grid. This makes them an attractive option in a state that experiences more than 200 sunny days per year. Here are some reasons why homeowners should embrace solar attic fans in their homes.

Superior performance

Solar attic fans can outperform traditional rooftop turbines or “whirlybird” vent fans that are common around the country. This new technology features a powerful motor that actively pulls air into your attic.

By contrast, traditional turbines rely on wind or attic pressure to spin and draw in air. This makes them inefficient and unreliable on days without sufficient wind.

Reducing home temperatures

The vast majority of sunlight that falls on your home during the daytime comes into contact with your rooftop. Prolonged sun exposure can cause your attic to heat up significantly, especially on sunny days where outdoor temperatures exceed 90°F.

Many homeowners don’t realize that their attics transfer large amounts of heat to the rest of their home. This problem can be averted by getting rid of the warm air in your attic and replacing it with fresh air from outside with the help of a motor-powered exhaust fan. Solar attic fans can reduce the temperature in your attic by as much as 50°F on hot days.

Lower electricity bill

Solar attic fans rely on sunlight to reduce the temperature in your attic. This means they can cool your home without driving up your electricity bill.

Homeowners are also less likely to use their air conditioners if their home is already at a comfortable temperature. This creates further savings on electricity costs.

Remove moisture

Moisture tends to accumulate in attics over time. This is a common occurrence because warm air from heaters escapes from your lower home and settles in the above portions. Significant moisture build-up can affect your attic’s insulation and cause mold and mildew to develop.

Solar attic fans are effective at removing trapped moisture and humidity from your attic, which can increase the lifespan of the insulation installed there.

Installation services

If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home, you should invest in a solar attic fan from Blue Star Construction. In addition to providing high-quality home fixtures, our experts have extensive experience installing solar attic fans in Tennessee homes.

Get the best performance out of your solar attic fan by having it installed by local professionals you can trust.

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