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Vapor Barriers from Blue Star Construction

Moisture can be a nuisance in your home for many different reasons. It often accumulates in tight spaces and can lead multiple problems for homeowners in the long run. However, a simple solution for combating moisture build up exists: vapor barriers.

Vapor barriers consist of poly film sheets that are impermeable, meaning they don’t allow moisture to seep through. These are often installed in your home’s crawlspace to stop the moisture from the unpaved dirt floor from getting through and making it into your living space.

Here are some advantages of installing a vapor barrier in your home.

  • Protecting against moisture
    When moisture accumulates in your crawlspace, it can attract other problems such as mold, mildew, and insects. These issues can spread to the inside of your home and make it uncomfortable to live in.A vapor barrier effectively reduces the amount of moisture that builds-up in your crawlspace. A high-quality moisture barrier from Blue Star Construction can keep your home’s interior dry and protected.
  • Saving wooden structures
    Crawlspace moisture can also lead to wood rot developing in your home’s structure. This has the potential to weaken your home’s existing structure and possibly cause it to fail. For this reason, a well-fitted moisture barrier can protect the integrity of your home’s support structure and improve its sustainability.
  • Saving on energy bills
    Moisture that makes it through your crawlspace and into your home might not leave puddles of water, but it can increase the average humidity in your home. This added humidity isn’t just uncomfortable to be around, it can also make warm temperatures feel hot, and cool temperatures feel cold.As a result, homeowners will need to run their heating for longer in the wintertime, and their air conditioning higher in the summertime. This can drive up your heat and electricity bills in the long run. Installing a vapor barrier can prevent this moisture from building up in your home and help you maintain comfortable living conditions.
  • Protecting insulation
    If you have insulation installed in your crawlspace, any moisture present can reduce its lifespan. This affects the energy efficiency of your home and makes it harder to regulate the temperature inside. A moisture barrier can help your insulation safe and ensure it lasts a long time.

Installation services

Vapor barriers can be tricky to install. If improperly applied, a moisture barrier may allow water to seep through and cause damage to your home. For this reason, you should choose the services of experienced professionals such as Blue Star Construction to install the vapor barrier in your crawlspace.

Don’t compromise on the safety and long-term wellbeing of your home. Reach out to Blue Star Construction and take care of your crawlspace as soon as possible.

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